Custom decking can help make your home a respite from the world, improve your view of the stunning countryside that Costa Rica has to offer and create an amazing and peaceful retreat. Your outdoor relaxing deckingliving area is an extension of the indoors and usable all year long due to the temperate climate. You may want to make part or all of your outdoor decking a covered area so it’s cozy even during the rainy season.   

Wooden or Composite Decking?

The overwhelming choice of homeowners for decking is hardwood or treated pine. However, the new synthetic plank decking choices offer great looks but less maintenance than real wood. These composite decking options blend plastic with grounded wood, and some are even eco-friendly, containing recycled plastic. Some people love the rustic look of real wood, while others prefer the easy upkeep of composites. Composite decking prices are similar to that for hardwoods like ipe hardwood, Brazilian hardwood, other tropical hardwoods, or even softwoods like cedar or redwood planking. Pressure treated pine decking materials are typically less expensive by nearly half, but there will be maintenance involved, like staining the treated pine decking on a regular basis.  

Decking Styles to Complement Your Home

There are lots of elements to be considered when choosing deck materials and styles for your home. Obviously, placement is one key, but there several other things to consider. Do you want a ground-level deck or one that is high off the ground, perhaps multi-levels? What colors or finishes do you prefer? How wide do you want your deck to be, and what shape? Does it need to surround any structural or landscape elements in your yard, like a swimming pool or certain trees that you want to keep? What about steps and railings? What style would you like for them to be? Will you use your deck at night? If so, definitely think about lighting and where to add it. Take a look at our Photo Gallery page for some of our ideas — we are always happy to hear yours as well.