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Costa Rica treated pine decking

Expand Your Living Space With Costa Rica Treated Pine Decking

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Costa Rica treated pine deckingWhen it comes to outdoor living space, nothing gives you more bang for your buck than Costa Rica treated pine decking. A treated pine deck gives your home and your yard a natural feel for s a surprisingly affordable price. Looking for a flat, ground-level deck? Or, a more sophisticated raised deck with a pergola? No matter, having it built with pressure-treated pine decking will be easy on the budget and pleasing to the eyes.


What you need to know about Costa Rica treated pine decking

Pine is a widely available, and extremely fast-growing, timber species worldwide. This makes the cost for this type of wood decking is considerably less than many others. Still, pressure-treated pine decking remains one of the most versatile lumber materials available to homeowners. When looking to expand outdoor living spaces on a budget, consider treated pine decking. The soft feel of pine on your feet is another plus.

Though pine is relatively soft in comparison to some other wood species, kiln drying and preservative treatments extend its life and make it stronger and less prone to shifting or bowing. The preservatives used to treat pine decking also prevent decay, fungus, and wood-destroying insects from damaging your decking. Some of the treatments extend the life of pine so much that treated pine decking is usable in contact with the ground. Still other forms are able to withstand contact with natural bodies of water, in projects like piers and boardwalks.   

Where can you use Costa Rica treated pine decking?

Honestly, a better question here would be where can’t you use Costa Rica treated pine decking? This is one of the most versatile outdoor building materials available today. This makes it a great choice for cool outdoor pergolas, gazebos, picnic pavilions, porches, and deck projects.

By deck projects, we mean much more than decks built flat on the ground. Treated pine decking can be used to build the decks of your dreams. They can be multiple levels and odd sizes and shapes to fit your yard or the architectural style of your home. You might opt for built-ins like planter boxes, pergolas and seating to make your deck beautiful and more usable. Pergolas add usefulness to your deck even during the rainy season, and you can incorporate lighting and ceiling fans to make them more accommodating. Additionally, think about features like removable sunshades and pergola roofs so that can alter the feeling of your deck with just a few clicks of the wrist.   

What type of deck do you envision for your Costa Rica home and yard? No matter what you desire, we can carefully plan and craft it for you using Costa Rica treated pine decking. For a free, no-obligation quote on your deck or pergola, use our online Contact Form.