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Choosing the Best Costa Rica Deck Builders

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Costa Rica Deck BuildersGetting your deck project done to your specifications means picking the best Costa Rica deck builders for your needs. This is a company that is both professional and easy to work with.

How to Choose the Right Costa Rica Deck Builders

While finding the right deck builders can sometimes be a challenge, it needn’t be that way at all. By following a few simple tips, it is relatively easy to find the builders that will create the deck of your dreams quickly. You can typically be relaxing or entertaining on your new deck in a week or so.

  • Think local – Local Costa Rica deck builders will know your area, the area’s suppliers, and the building needs of your property. Hiring locally also keeps the work and the money in the area, a plus for everyone involved.
  • Ask for referrals – Friends or neighbors that have recently had a project done or received quotes can be good sources for referrals. Ask them about their Costa Rica deck builders. Likewise, when talking with builders, ask for some previous customer info, and give them a call.
  • Local ad sources – Looking through Costa Rica Deck Builderslocal newspapers, advertising flyers, and online venues are other places to find Costa Rica deck builders that will do a great job.
  • Social media – Look at local social media sites for information about Costa Rica deck builders. Especially scope out reviews about their services.
  • Online review sites – Sites like Yelp, Houzz, and HomeAdvisor offer assistance in choosing contractors. There are also testimonials from prior clients.

Our Tip for Finding the Best Costa Rica Deck Builders

  • Call Decking Costa Rica – We are your go-to Costa Rica deck builders. Further, we’d love to add you to our roster of satisfied consumers. We will consult with you about the project you want to be done, spec out the work, give you a solid price quote, and get it handled for you in a timely fashion. Also check out the reviews and testimonials on our sister site, ManuPrefab.

No matter what type of deck you want we can make it a beautiful reality. We are the BEST Costa Rica deck builders. Check out our gallery of projects for some ideas, and then contact us today to get started.

Should You Splurge on Costa Rica Hardwood Decking?

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When you want a deck built on your property, take the time to make the right choices. Yes, it is more expensive and is a splurge, though not nearly as much as you’d expect in Costa Rica. There are a number of reasons to choose Costa Rica hardwood decking, like ipe, over other materials.

Costa Rica Hardwood Decking Is Long-Lasting

Costa Rica Hardwood DeckingIf you choose hardwood decking, it can last for 25 years or more. With normal use, it will not need to be replaced or repaired for decades; it’s virtually maintenance-free. The wood is strong and withstands foot traffic well, so you will have the ideal deck for relaxation, entertaining, and playing with your children or pets. It’s an organic and sustainable material that is also lightweight enough to be used on steep inclines.

Hardwood Decking Requires Little Maintenance

Your Costa Rica hardwood decking will not need much upkeep. While treated wood and composite materials can rot or decay, and can even be taken over by termites, hardwood is resistant to these issues. The wood resists nicks and scratches, and is simple to clean.Costa Rica Hardwood Decking

Hardwood Decking is Naturally Beautiful

Other materials used for Costa Rica decking often do not look as nice. From the natural coloring to its overall appearance, your new hardwood deck will be beautiful. As it does not need to be painted, you will love its natural appearance for years to come.

Safety And Your New Deck

Hardwood decks are more resistant to fire than other popular materials. When you want your home and your family to be safe, you can have peace of mind with Costa Rica hardwood decking.

What About The Costs?

Costa Rica Hardwood DeckingA hardwood deck can cost more than a deck made from other materials, but it is still an economical choice. When you have a hardwood deck you will save money on upkeep and repairs. Your deck can stay in excellent condition for the length of time you own your home. When you keep this in mind and consider all of the other advantages, you will see hardwood decking is quite affordable.
There is no easier way to make your home more attractive, and enjoy your outdoor living spaces, than by building a deck. Costa Rica hardwood decking is an excellent option for you.

How do You Find the Best Costa Rica Deck Contractors for Your Project?

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Costa Rica Deck ContractorsA deck in the backyard or outdoor area of your Costa Rica home adds valuable and comfortable living space to cherish. It is a place where you can unwind and relax after returning from a stressful day. Also, it can be used for sunny day picnics or lazy evening tea parties with your friends and loved ones. However, building a deck is not at all an easy task. You need to hire Costa Rica deck contractors that are experienced and skilled to build a quality deck that will last. If you don’t know how to choose the right Costa Rica deck contractor, follow the below tips.

Experience and License

While you will find many Costa Rica deck contractors, it is advised to explore professionals that have been in the business for some time.  You should check the license of each deck builder as well. Following this tip helps to ensure you will have a top quality deck, and a minimum of hassle.

Costa Rica Deck Contractors Work Portfolio

Obviously, you want to hire a contractor who has expert knowledge in deck building. So make sure you browse the work portfolio of the professional you are considering. A reliable deck contractor should have images of a wide variety of deck projects to show off to his clients and potential customers.

Reviews and References

Costa Rica Decking ContractorsThe best Costa Rica deck contractors will be able to point you to testimonies and references with visible levels of success. The larger the number of reviews and testimonies, the better the reputation of the contractor will be. References from recent customers can also help in deciding whether a particular contractor is worth hiring or not, so don’t skimp on the phone calls.

Picking the ideal Costa Rica deck contractors for your deck building project is not an easy chore. You need to take into account a lot of factors before picking a reputed contractor; otherwise, you may end up wasting your time and money on a poorly built deck. However, it is easy to avert disaster by picking the best builders in the light of the above-mentioned tips.

Costa Rica Deck Accessories

Check out These Cool Costa Rica Deck Accessories to Dress Up Your Outdoor Space

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Outdoor spaces lend an air of casualness to your home, but they can also serve as amazing party sites and major extensions of your living space. All it takes is some cool Costa Rica deck accessories to make your deck even more enjoyable and fun. From water features to outdoor kitchens, amazing seating and bar areas, whatever Costa Rica deck accessories you can envision are doable. Let’s take a look at some of what you can do with your deck and outdoor space to make it the inviting area of your home where family and visitors alike love to congregate.

Costa Rica Deck Accessories – Seating

Costa Rica Deck AccessoriesRelaxation on your deck requires some great seating! You can choose to purchase a patio set with a table and chairs, or a set that has a sofa and upholstered chairs built to stand up to the outdoor elements. Another idea –  you can call us and we can create awesome built-in seating that runs Costa Rica Deck Accessoriesaround the rim of your deck for still further relaxation spots on your deck in Costa Rica. We can even hinge the seats to give you lots of great storage space for cushions and pool floats.

Costa Rica Deck Accessories – Gates

If you have pets or little ones, building gates into your decking is a great idea to keep them safe and Costa Rica Deck Accessoriescontained. No sneaking off for your pups or your toddler when the gates are closed. With gated decks, it is easier for the grownups to relax and not have to worry as much.

Costa Rica Deck Accessories – Coolers

Costa Rica Deck AccessoriesRelaxing with several friends and having a few cold ones? What is more convenient than a cooler on your deck? No need to run inside before you can pop another top. Ask us about built-in cooler setups for your deck.


Costa Rica Deck Accessories – Kitchens

The ultimate in convenience for foodies is a full kitchen built-in to your outdoor deck, complete with a grill, sink, and coolers or a refrigerator to keep things fresh.

Costa Rica Deck Accessories – Bars

Another great feature for your outdoor deck is a nice bar and some comfy stools to relax around withCosta Rica Deck Accessories your visitors. Here, too – add a great cooler or a full refrigerator for major convenience. Want your bar to look like it was made for your Costa Rica deck? We can do that for you!

Costa Rica Deck Accessories – Furniture

Far beyond simple bench seating, you can add lots of other furniture to your deck. Perhaps a comfortable upholstered sofa and some chairs arranged in a cozy area of your deck. How about a hanging hammock or bed for the most relaxing naps ever? Tables of all sizes are available, and we can build them to match or contrast with your deck as well.

Costa Rica Deck Accessories – Adding Some Shade

Need some shade on your Costa Rica Deck? There are lots of ways to add it, from a sailcloth cover to a

pergola or gazebo, to a fully-covered area that can be used even during rainstorms. Let’s brainstorm your deck shade needs and put together a good plan.

Costa Rica Deck Accessories – Lighting

Awesome lighting makes your deck so much more usable and inviting during the evening and night

hours. You might opt for built-in railing and step lights, or go for twinkly strands draped around your deck railings. Candles and flameless candles offer a nice mood as well.

We have lots more ideas for your deck and making your Costa Rica Deck Accessories work to make your deck a comfortable and inviting space. Contact Us anytime and let’s turn your deck into the outdoor oasis you dream of!

Costa Rica treated pine decking

Expand Your Living Space With Costa Rica Treated Pine Decking

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Costa Rica treated pine deckingWhen it comes to outdoor living space, nothing gives you more bang for your buck than Costa Rica treated pine decking. A treated pine deck gives your home and your yard a natural feel for s a surprisingly affordable price. Looking for a flat, ground-level deck? Or, a more sophisticated raised deck with a pergola? No matter, having it built with pressure-treated pine decking will be easy on the budget and pleasing to the eyes.


What you need to know about Costa Rica treated pine decking

Pine is a widely available, and extremely fast-growing, timber species worldwide. This makes the cost for this type of wood decking is considerably less than many others. Still, pressure-treated pine decking remains one of the most versatile lumber materials available to homeowners. When looking to expand outdoor living spaces on a budget, consider treated pine decking. The soft feel of pine on your feet is another plus.

Though pine is relatively soft in comparison to some other wood species, kiln drying and preservative treatments extend its life and make it stronger and less prone to shifting or bowing. The preservatives used to treat pine decking also prevent decay, fungus, and wood-destroying insects from damaging your decking. Some of the treatments extend the life of pine so much that treated pine decking is usable in contact with the ground. Still other forms are able to withstand contact with natural bodies of water, in projects like piers and boardwalks.   

Where can you use Costa Rica treated pine decking?

Honestly, a better question here would be where can’t you use Costa Rica treated pine decking? This is one of the most versatile outdoor building materials available today. This makes it a great choice for cool outdoor pergolas, gazebos, picnic pavilions, porches, and deck projects.

By deck projects, we mean much more than decks built flat on the ground. Treated pine decking can be used to build the decks of your dreams. They can be multiple levels and odd sizes and shapes to fit your yard or the architectural style of your home. You might opt for built-ins like planter boxes, pergolas and seating to make your deck beautiful and more usable. Pergolas add usefulness to your deck even during the rainy season, and you can incorporate lighting and ceiling fans to make them more accommodating. Additionally, think about features like removable sunshades and pergola roofs so that can alter the feeling of your deck with just a few clicks of the wrist.   

What type of deck do you envision for your Costa Rica home and yard? No matter what you desire, we can carefully plan and craft it for you using Costa Rica treated pine decking. For a free, no-obligation quote on your deck or pergola, use our online Contact Form.

Welcome Working deck project gallery

Welcome to our Costa Rica Decking Blog!

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Welcome to our blog

Hard at work for our customers

Welcome to our Blog and our Website!

Welcome and thanks for visiting our Costa Rica Decking Blog! Please check back frequently for more information about decking materials, railing, and lighting that is available for you to use for your outdoor space. Also, expect lots more images of our work projects in progress, along with images of our happy customers.

Please Browse our Website

In the meantime, please browse through the information that we have provided here on our website. We hope it helps you decide on elements of your deck, along with images and links to some additional information as well.

What Else Would You Like to See Here?

We have tried to be fairly comprehensive in covering decking elements that our customers in Costa Rica (including those that come from Canada or the United States) might be interested in. We also made sure to address some of the differences between decking in Costa Rica and that in North America. Certainly, there are similarities as well. One thing is likely — you will get more use out of an outdoor space here in Costa Rica. So, plan for a deck that you will use year-round for all sorts of gatherings.

Have a Look at Our Work

Also, we would love for you to take a look at our Deck Project Gallery. You’ll see some of the awesome outdoor deck spaces we have already created for our customers. Please leave us comments and feedback on what you like. Also, please let us know what else you would like to see on that page. Additionally, if you have ideas for deck elements we have not yet addressed, shoot us a message, and we’ll ferret out the best info for you.

If you have any questions about Costa Rica Decking, we would love to hear from you. We welcome you to contact us anytime, 24 hours a day, and we will respond as quickly as possible.