Decking accessories are crucial parts of a deck. Of course, when creating a new deck, the type of material used is one big decision. However, there are other choices to make about accessories for the new deck. Elements like stairs, railings, and balusters and even lighting are important to consider while planning the design and construction of a new deck for your Costa Rica home.

Decking Accessories — Stairs, Railings, and Balusters

There is a huge range of decking accessories that you can add to your home’s deck project to make it more comfortable and inviting. This ranges from deck railings and balusters to beautiful post caps. There are even invisible deck fasteners. Overall, each small decision in deck accessories adds up to the total decking package that you choose.

You can change the look and feel of a flat deck dramatically with the addition of railings. You have many choices when it comes to railing ideas, from wrought iron to wooden rails, and even very modern cable railings. Also, you might consider adding accents like traditional wood, flashy copper, or stained-glass post caps to give your railings a more polished look.


Decking Accessories — Lighting

Another decking accessories decision for you to make when planning your deck project is lighting. If you plan to use your deck after dark, you will want to ensure that you have appropriate lighting for safety and easy use.

Steps, especially, need to have safety lighting built-in. Luckily, that is easy to do with today’s solar lighting that requires no wiring or electricity to run. It collects energy during the day and lights the way at night. You can also use safety lighting to denote the edges of a flat deck to avoid slips and falls.

Additionally, you can add lots of lighting to make your deck easier to use at night. Lighted post caps are one good idea that you might consider. These lights come both in solar styles and LED lighting styles, to save electricity. You might also consider rope lighting around the perimeter of your deck to light up the nooks and crannies in the evening.