Deck lighting is another of those important things to consider while you are designing your new deck.

deck lighting

Post cap lights are available in many styles

Outdoor deck lighting is vital if you will be using your deck at night, and it can also set the tone for your space. You can choose from a range of different deck lighting ideas, and light intensities, from bright to mild. Of course, you can also choose lighting that operates with dimmer switches so that you can choose the lighting you prefer for the particular evening and what is going on. Bright lights for a big party, or dimmer lights for a romantic evening or a small soiree with a few friends! Choose your deck lighting wisely, and you can have both easily.

Deck lights have a few things in common. They can be used both indoors

or outdoors and they are completely sealed against moisture. Additionally, they are typically

deck lighting

String lights in many styles add twinkling lighting to your space.

designed for durability and reliability. They are the type of lighting that you can install and forget about for the most part. Additionally, solar deck lights collect energy from the sun during the day and light the way at night, without any electricity or added cost.

Deck Lighting: Post Lights

deck lighting

Post lights add ambiance and safety to your outdoor spaces

Deck post lights can be ornamental or purely functional, and deck post lights in the form of lighted post caps are very popular. They range in style from classic to customizable to solar deck post lights. Also, they can be created in a range of colors and coating, from a hand-crafted finish to a sleek powder-coating.

Deck Railing and Step Lights  

Options for lighting multiply when you consider adding them to deck railings. Low voltage d

deck lighting

Railing lights in many styles are available.

eck lighting and led deck lights are a great option for railings and stairways. They add ambiance and safety while outlining your deck and lighting up other areas of your deck.  LED lighting is eco-friendly, stays cool to the touch, lasts much longer than other light sources and reduces energy costs overall.


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