Deck railing designs are the style of your deck. Deck rails give your deck its personality and dictate how your deck is used. Of course, many homeowners opt for flat decks which dispense with railings altogether. But, that is not an option when a deck is not located on flat ground. For this reason, railing designs are important considerations.

Deck Railing Designs

deck railing designs

Aluminum balusters that resemble wrought iron

When designing your deck, there are a number of important considerations to think about. Aside from size and type of materials, there are considerations to make about deck railings, deck railing height, and deck railing systems.

deck railing

Modern aluminum railing designs

Many deck railing ideas abound, in a number of different materials. For instance, there are deck rails constructed of wood or composite materials, and there is also metal deck railing and aluminum deck railing as well as cable deck railing systems. Depending on the look that you want for your deck, there are typically several options available for you to choose.

deck railing

Modern cable railings

Aluminum deck railing comes in a range of designs, much that resembles wrought iron

deck railing

Wrought iron scrollwork railing design

fencing and scrollwork. Take a look at some of the varied designs available. Other styles of deck rails have a more modern and trendy look in silver. Additionally, there are aluminum cable railing systems available.



Combination Designs

deck railing designs

Iron balusters combined with wood posts for a unique look

Another style of railing is created with wood posts and iron balusters for a more unique and elegant look for your deck. Here again, there is a wide range of designs available to choose from. You can even choose different colors that will contrast or complement the materials in your deck or deck railings.

When considering what types of deck railings to use for your new project, there are a few things to consider. Think about how you will use the deck and what type of railings are functional and safe, first and foremost. Next, consider how you want the deck to look and which railings will give you that style.

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