Hardwood decking offers lots of advantages, including a breathtaking array of natural patterns and colors. Also, hardwood is extremely low maintenance, with a long expected lifetime. Hardwood typically does not need stripping or sanding to refinish. Additionally, it holds up very well in extreme climates. Another great thing about hardwoods is they are resistant to mold and decay, and even termites.

Hardwood Decking is Sustainable

Hardwood decking materials are harvested from managed forests for sustainability. Overall, they are less expensive than most composite decking. Another plus, they are free of problems like mold spots and peeling.

Choosing beautiful ipe hardwood decking or Brazilian hardwood decking will give you a stunning finished hardwood deck. However, you should be aware that hardwood decking boards can change color, stain, or crack if not kept finished. 

Hardwood Pricing

Tropical hardwood decking is a more costly choice than pine treated wood. For this reason, keep it well finished to protect it from the elements. Also, Brazilian hardwood decking material prices range from about $225 to $825 or higher per 100 square feet. Of course, this does not include design and installation. 

Hardwood deck materials are dependable and durable. Actually, they are a great value when you factor in their low-maintenance and longevity. These are not decks that will need major repairs or replacements in a few short years. In fact, you can expect a hardwood deck to last decades with proper care.   

Types of Hardwood  

Homeowners, contractors, and architects all love natural, exotic hardwoods and often prefer them over composite decking materials. Here are a few hardwood decking choices that we love:


  • Ipe Decking: This hardwood is also known as Brazilian Walnut. It is a deep and rich brown, with amber and red hues. It is virtually insect and decay resistant and has an expected lifespan of 75 years.
  • Cumaru Decking: This hardwood is commonly called Brazilian Teak, and varies in color from a mild honey to reddish brown with darker grain accents. Expected lifespan is upwards of 50 years.
  • Tigerwood Decking: Also called Brazilian Koa, tigerwood is a light golden brown to brown color, and has irregular brown and black streaks. Naturally durable with a 30-year lifespan.
  • Massaranduba Decking: Brazilian Redwood is a velvet red to darker reddish brown, and it is has a fine texture and a straight grain. Brazilian redwood is resistant to rot and insects and has a 30-year lifespan.
  • Garapa Decking: Brazilian Ash is fine-grained, light yellow to warm gold, and is resistant to decay and splinters, without any chemicals needed. It offers a 30-year lifespan.