Treated pine decking has a number of advantages that people often fail to take into consideration. For instance, when deciding on the design and construction of your patio or deck, you should look into all options. Besides that, the main reason that many people choose pine decking boards is that it’s cost effective. However, there are some other great reasons to choose pine decking boards.


Treated Pine Decking is Strong  

Though it is considered a “soft” wood, treated pine has great strength. This is evidenced by the fact

treated pine decking

Treated pine decking is versatile and lightweight, lending itself well to gazebos and other structures.

that it’s used to frame home walls and flooring in homes, and other structures like gazebos, bridges, and boardwalks.

The strength of treated wood decking gives homeowners and contractors a versatile and reliable material to use for many structural applications, including inexpensive deck and patio designs. When pine decking is combined with great design and construction, you can count on it being tough and reliable for many years to come. Also, you can expect it to withstand extreme weather conditions easily.  

Treated Pine Decking Resists Rot and Insects  

The pressure treatment process uses chemical preservatives that are forced into the pine decking boards. First, the wood is placed in a large container, then pressure is applied to ensure the preservatives are pushed deep into the decking. These preservatives keep termites and other insects away and keep the wood from rotting due to weather conditions and fungus.

treated pine decking

Great looks with a stained treated pine decking.

To paint or stain treated pine decking to your liking, you have to wait several weeks up to several months. In Costa Rica, the length of waiting time depends on the process used in the wood. Typically, the retailer where you purchase the decking boards can give you an idea of when it is best to seal the deck. Alternately, the best Costa Rica Decking contractors are experts in all types of wood decking and will offer great advice.   

Finally, did you realize that most treated pine decking will last 20 years or longer? Also, it simply looks great when well cared for. To get great results like this, simply apply a fresh coat of paint or stain annually.